Lavacore, A Scuba Divers Review

The Lavacore product line from AUP has created a fair amount of buzz among divers and other water sports enthusiasts and has resulted in many who just love the product. But based on the questions & discussions that I have seen recently on some of the forums, as well as in conversation with other divers, there are clearly still some that wonder if the suit really performs as well as they … [Read More...]


The Scuba Tank Cam Band – Friend or Foe?

As a Scuba instructor and dive trip leader, other divers always seem to come to me looking for help with gear problems. And as you might expect, most of the time it happens at the worst possible moment - while in the process of getting ready for the next dive. As a dive professional, I always try to take the time to help solve the problem if I can and deal with whatever the issue is, but I … [Read More...]

Time to Pack, Where’s My Hawaiian Shirt?

In just a few days I’ll be heading off on my next dive adventure. Normally I’m a last minute packer - except for my dive gear and underwater camera gear……those toys are always packed and ready to go! After all, a guy has to have his priorities, and besides, you never know when someone will say “do you want to go diving.” But this time I decided that I would try and get my clothes together … [Read More...]

Scuba Diving Like it is Vegas

Are you a risk taker? Someone who likes to live life on the edge? Do you enjoy rolling the “dice” to take your chances and then see what happens? When it comes to diving, I’m the exact opposite! I always try to be as prepared as possible. Whether its dive planning, equipment prep & maintenance, destination research, or simply making sure that I have a good idea of the direction back to … [Read More...]

Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right

Open heel, split-fin, spring straps, full-foot, buckle systems, hinged blades… do you decide on the best way to get your kicks? Congratulations, you finally signed up for that Open Water Scuba course that you’ve been thinking and dreaming about for so long, but now you’re faced with picking out your first set of basic gear. We’ve all been there, and frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming … [Read More...]


Did Salt Water Make My Arms Shrink

When I started diving, my arms were the perfect length. I could look down and read those little numbers on my dive computer at a glance, and it was easy to determine if my underwater camera was correctly focused on that colorful but very tiny little nudibranch. Life underwater was good…… But then something very strange began to happen. Those little numbers and creatures that I could always … [Read More...]


Shark Week – Science or Sensation?

I have always been intrigued by all manner of things that live in the sea and I am particularly fascinated by the most famous apex predator in the ocean – the shark!  The perfect eating machine ….. I’m not totally sure how that fascination came about, but I confess that I have been a “Shark Week” junky since it first aired in July of 1987. There, I said it; I’m hooked on Shark Week….judge … [Read More...]